The internet changed my name

Recently a guy we were interviewing here at Krugle pointed out that there were 176 hits (now 355) if you searched for “Ken Krugle” on Yahoo.

I can see why people might get it wrong, or maybe it’s just a typo – but even if I could change my surname to Krugle® (hmm, wonder what the valid charset is for US names?), I think I’ll stick with “Krugler”.

But speaking of surnames, if anybody can point me to the definitive reference for valid characters, I’d like to add that to my list of obscure technical factoids.

2 Responses to The internet changed my name

  1. JustinR says:

    It’s ok Ken, if you search for me on Google, you get some story with a made up character, one of my domains that Google magically linked to me even though I’ve never used my last name there and..if you scroll down a little further, you’ll find that some guy in my home state has roughly the same name, about the same age and was wanted for weapons charges and such.

    But, according to most state law, “Ken Krugle” can be a valid alias, which can be made legal simply by using it. I went through the process of changing my name a few years ago. If we ever email each other again, I’ll tell you the story and give you a good laugh.

  2. kkrugler says:

    @JustinR – congratulations for posting the first comment! You win, well…not sure yet. Need an autographed copy of the first video game for the Mac? Bonus points if you can name what it is.

    @anybody – I’m still offering double bonus points for references to the definitive set of characters that can be legally used for first/last names in the US. I believe Japan has a standard for this, as otherwise you’d get all kinds of funky never-ever-used glyphs from before the dawn of time.

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