Empowering reputable professionals

Recently I was trying to find out information about Mindaugus “Min” Idzelis, who wrote the Lucene-based search code for the Roller project. I was blogging about using search to solve impact analysis problems, and wanted to include a reference to him.

Hit #3 in a Google search on his name was from a site called naymez, with the tagline “empowering reputable professionals”. Unfortunately when I visited the web site and then clicked on his name to what what they had to say about Min, this is what I got:

Reputable Yahoo Ads

Now while I’m sure Min is a reputable professional, I was a bit distracted by the ads for sexy black singles and big beautiful women. These were auto-generated by Yahoo for the page, so the next time I visited I got boring (and more appropriate) ads for services in the Raleigh-Durham area.

Maybe it was just a glitch in the Yahoo ad system, but it made me very hesitant to include any kind of auto-ads on my pages…given some of the obscure things that I blog about, the odds of my getting a random and completely inappropriate ad seems pretty high.

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