Whatever Happened to the Class of ’83?

It’s been (almost) 25 years since I graduated from MIT, and fellow Delta Tau Delta fraternity brother Mike Santullo is trying to put together a reunion. To get things rolling, he sent out a freshman photo of the 15 members of my pledge class.

DTD class of ‘83

Now that’s a flashback moment. Where are they now?

  • Jeff Caddell – Unknown. Probably lives in the south, though last reported sighting (around 2002-2003) was in Maryland, working as a senior project engineer at the McCormick Flavor Group.
  • Jono Goldstein – Managing director at TA Associates in Boston.
  • Steve Yoon – Doctor working at Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta.
  • Steve DeFalco – President and CEO at MDS International.
  • Brian Jacobs – Founder and General Partner at Emergence Capital Partners in San Mateo. Who says a man can’t escape his past hair-style? He’s also the lead investor in Krugle.
  • Mike Santullo – Retired entrepreneur living in Palo Alto, following the sale of Four11.com/RocketMail to Yahoo way back when. Now keeping busy as the founder and co-chair of the California Clean Tech Open competition. He was also an angel investor in Krugle.
  • Jeff Molzahn – Died of pancreatic cancer June 25, 2001.
  • Randy Schweickart – Manager, Process Engineering at ICOS Corporation in Seattle and soccer dad extraordinaire.
  • Chris Schneider – Fellow Nevada City resident and Krugle employee, who also teaches physics and coaches Ultimate at Bitney College Prep High School.
  • Doug Sargent – Working for Symantec in Oregon as a sysadmin.
  • Jeff Muss – Rocket scientist at Sierra Engineering. Yup, he really is one.
  • Ken Krugler – That’s me, fluffy ‘do and all.
  • Alex Lightman – The guy formerly known as Alex Petofi. Currently CEO at Innofone. It’s kind of hard to tell what exactly he’s doing these days, but it’s got somethin to do with IPv6 technology.
  • Alan Taylor – President of Sedway Consulting in Boulder, CO.
  • Joe Masci – Another stealthy classmate. Recently spotted doing a charity bike ride to raise money for Alzheimer’s research.

I’m looking forward to seeing everybody, hopefully in Boston this coming June right before the MIT reunion.

4 Responses to Whatever Happened to the Class of ’83?

  1. Hello my name is David Stephens I have known Jeff’s daughter Kirsten since 5th grade (1999) and have been dating her for the past 4 years. I know you are extremely busy, but I was wondering if you had any old college photos of Jeff that I could put together a book for Kirsten and her family. If you do not I understand too, thank you for your time.

    Thank you,
    David Stephens

  2. kkrugler says:

    Hi David,

    I don’t believe I do, but I’ll check when I get back home. I’ll also ping Mike Santullo, as he’s most likely to have something from back then.

    — Ken

  3. Alex Lightman says:

    Hi, Ken!

    Alex here. Thanks for the summary of class of ’83. For what it’s worth, I’ve published over 750,000 words, including about 120 articles and the book, Brave New Unwired World, the first book on 4G wireless broadband. I actually coined the term, which is why I got 4G.org, 4G.tv, and filed the first trademark applications.
    Innofone has been organizing IPv6 events and did the first study on the transition to IPv6 by the 28 NATO nations, and has 75 clients to date. I’ve experienced a number of tricks played that caused the stock to tank, and so I’m turning these miserable experiences into a book as well.

    If anyone wants to talk, my number in Santa Monica, CA, is listed.

    Cheers, Alex Lightman

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