Dipsea Redux

It’s been almost 15 years since I last hiked the Dipsea trail from Mill Valley to Stinson Beach.

Stinson Beach

My wife & I used to regularly do this 7.1 mile trek across the coastal range to the ocean, with traditional celebratory beer at The Sand Dollar. The food there is so-so, but as one reviewer on Yelp said, it’s not about the food, it’s about the atmosphere.

Then when we were living in Hong Kong, we simulated this by hiking from our apartment in Happy Valley to The Curry Pot in Stanley. Not as far, but the Hong Kong humidity was a big equalizer.

Things are different now, with kids and all that, but I recreated part of the old ways by having a beer in Stinson Beach and at least hiking the first two miles of the Dipsea. And yes, the stairs are still painful, though no worse than I remember – I think as I get older, I just achieve the same pain level sooner and slower.

But perhaps with age comes some wisdom. We took a side trail and wound up at the Tourist Club.

The Tourist Club

I can’t wait for a Sunday when I can enjoy their beer garden. I only hope the selection and quality are as good as what Rob described in his blog post from a few years back.

2 Responses to Dipsea Redux

  1. Rob says:

    Well as I’m planning on being at the Tourist Club this coming Saturday, if it’s not as good as it’s always been in the past, I’ll certainly let you know…

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