Their meme was too strong…

I saw Andrew Shebanow‘s post about the History Meme, and had to try it myself. Here are my most common shell commands (on Mac OS X), with counts:

  103	svn
   64	cd
   44	ssh
   36	mvn
   26	rsync
   26	ll
   16	sh
   16	perl
   15	ping
   13	ls

Not sure what my most common shell commands says about me as a person, other than I’m a heavy user of Subversion and Maven, and I have to frequently access and move files to/from a bunch of servers at our office and colo.

And as Tim Bray pointed out, it doesn’t say anything about the tools I use the most – OmniFocus, Eudora, and Eclipse. But still, for one line of bash/awk it’s a fun peek into my daily tech life.

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