Three suggestions for the Mac Finder’s Force Quit command

Unfortunately I have to use this several times a week – mostly for Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, but occasionally a few other equally troubled apps.

So in the process, I’ve found a few irritations that could easily be fixed:

  1. Display the list of apps in two groups – at the top, the apps that aren’t responding (usually just one). So then I never see the list displayed without the offending app clearly at the top. When you’re running a lot of apps, the list often winds up being displayed such that the hung app isn’t visible.
  2. When I force-quit a non-responding app, don’t ask for confirmation. It’s not responding, that’s why I’m explicitly asking you to make it go away.
  3. And in the same vein, when I’ve force quit a non-responding app, don’t display a scary dialog telling me that an app unexpectedly quit, and whether I want to report the problem to Apple.

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