Maiden voyage of Garmin foretrex 401

I finally got a chance to try out the new Garmin wrist-mounted GPS unit that my friend Stefan gave me.

Pretty sweet – it does a good job of tracking, even in the foothills of the Sierras, where GPS signals come and go.

I wish I could directly embed the map of the hike, but that requires an , which isn’t allowed by – oh well. You can still click here to view it on the site.

One Response to Maiden voyage of Garmin foretrex 401

  1. Great Toy, I have one also and I use it constantly. It’s a lot more convenient then those ones that require you to clip them to your bag. I’m glad that Garmin made it waterproof. One less thing to worry about in the woods, LOL. If anyone is looking for one, I recommend you shop the free auction sites. They are usually pretty cheap because there are no seller fees. I get a lot of gear from The Moose Run –,user_id,shop Hope that helps and thanks for sharing the video.

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