The Tube of Terror

June 16th is the second annual Nevada City Adult Soapbox Derby, where grown men (and some women) raise money for Pioneer Park, by spending ridiculous amounts of time building gravity-powered vehicles.

Here’s the local hospital entry from last year:

This year, since I’ve got so much free time, I decided to put together a team. Thus was born the “Tube of Terror”, sponsored by Scale Unlimited. With the aid of some people who actually know how how to design and build things, I’m hoping we’ll be competitive in the speed category.

5 Responses to The Tube of Terror

  1. Rich Bodine says:

    Ken, It’s comforting to see that you have designed in a flux capacitor in your soapbox build. We at the Nevada City Adult Soapbox Derby take things very serious when it comes to the design process. Please don’t forget the ball bearings…it’s all ball bearings!

  2. Adil Moin says:

    Hello there, I’m planning of designing the very same soapbox, could you please tell me what exactly is the large tube in the front? What is it termed as? Thanks.

  3. Adil Moin says:

    The above picture is the actual design?

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