Tube of Terror post-mortem

So in the end, we didn’t win.

We did avoid hitting other vehicles, or crashing into a hay bale, or crashing into somebody (like a race volunteer), unlike a few other vehicles I could mention.

And we looked good…

Turns out my near-death power slide on Nimrod during a test run caused the rear axle frame to bend, leading to toe-out (or toe-in? I can never remember).

So we were scrubbing off wheel rubber the whole way down – which was…disappointing.

But we’re ready for next year’s race, this time with a properly aligned frame…

One Response to Tube of Terror post-mortem

  1. Agustín Amenabar says:

    Nice ride!
    When I worked with cars a little off-camber was considered good for stability, and it actually helped a lot, but there was a reason it had to be just a little bit, I just can’t seem to remember why. But I do see Mercedes and Saabs have noticeable off-camber.

    Good luck next year!

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