CodeRage II – sometimes things don’t go well

December 4, 2007

CodeRage is the name of the virtual developer conference sponsored by CodeGear, the spin-out from Borland that handles all of their tools like Delphi and JBuilder.

This year I gave a talk titled “Impact Analysis for the Rest of Us” It was about how impact analysis is something every developer does, every day. And yet current impact analysis tools focus on the architect level, the Big Bang type of change.

Anyway, I thought it was an interesting and useful topic, though perhaps I’m a bit blinded by my involvement with Krugle. Apparently it didn’t rate so high with the CodeGear crowd – I got assigned the first slot (7:15am) on the last day (Friday). And then at the end of my presentation there was some confusion about how to patch me in via Skype, even though I’d worked through the issues with the conference team during an earlier training session.

Which means the 3 people who watched the video I’d slaved over (see my post about much pain & suffering while creating it) weren’t able to ask questions, even if they’d had any.

At least I’ve got a video that might be useful in the future, so I’m going to focus on the positives.

Video Editing Round 3 – InterWise Strikes Back

November 19, 2007

I just finished testing my CodeRage II presentation – or testing it as best I could, since InterWise doesn’t work with a Mac.

But somebody else on the training chat (Bob Swart, aka “Dr. Bob“) helpfully took a screenshot so I could see what he meant by “funny colors” in the video:

Mangled Video from InterWise

Nice, huh? Best I can tell is that InterWise is down-sampling the video from 1000s of colors (16 bit) to 256 colors (8-bit indexed), and that conversion isn’t working as well as it ought to. Bummer. But at least it’s still legible, and the audio seems fine. So no ugly editing required.